The saddest truth about Forex Trading

I am sure you are intrigued about this article, but let me tell you some things that you might not know and you are not aware of.

Most of the traders are Salesmans

It is very cruel word to say but, most of the traders are doing it for the money. They do those fancy graphs with their indicators and stuff, but they are not really traders. Here is the thing, if you are in a position where in you need to put so much money just to get that information, you need to think twice. There are few education platforms like us who are just offering the education and all of the knowledge you need for just 50 bucks per month. That’s ALL you need. In others you might see even 70 dollars per month just for the Forex Signals, and sad to say that they are not going anywhere if that is the case.


You need to be aware which ones are fake and not, and that is very hard thing to do. However if you are skilled enough and you are chewing pips since the beginning, then you will know what I am saying.

It is a business, not an easy money scheme

When people are hearing about Forex or even Stock Trading, the first thing that comes into they mind is this

“How fast is my ROI on Forex?”

“Can you teach me? I heard it is easy money and just buy and sell”

“Oh Bitcoin? I saw how it skyrocketed so fast”

First of all, Forex and Cryptocurrency is different, so do not be misguided on that. In Forex you are trading globally exchanged money, while on Bitcoin you are trading coins in exchange of coin.

Forex isn’t a sure ball or easy money. There are a lot of things you need to consider when you are trading in Forex. It includes Risk Management, pairs that you will trade and the money that you have in your account.


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