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Proprietary trader

Dennis Sherman is a 20-year market veteran and highly acclaimed Market Master. Dennis specialises in trading FX Spot and Metals, trading education and personal mentoring in the live markets.


He shares trading ideas live with our other professional traders and new traders eager to experience institutional trading concepts.


Dennis has mentored Professionals who wish to move up to the Market Masters level, people who want to make a consistently profitable career as a trader or simply want to increase their current performance in the financial markets.


Many of his students have ended up being placed in leading trading firms or chosen to be self-employed.


“I like nothing more than mentoring whilst trading live with trade plans that can be executed and profited from by all participants.”




“Trading is a game of repetitions. Traders that can consistently trade the best repetitions are those that have mastered the markets”

”Your ability to determine which market participants are influencing price will allow you to judge the conviction and behavior of price movement”

”Those that deploy there capital the right way on the day consecutively master the markets”

We have the experience that you can Own.
So if your an Investor, Position, Swing or Day Trader then engage the market with us.



  1. Gap and fade the move be patient
  2. Don’t add to a loss
  3. Get out for a small loss or a great hedge! so you can look for a new Trade which will give a great win
  4. Respect the monthly trend, look to trade in the bias of the position Traders who influence the market and with that in mind enter at areas of confluence
  5. Don’t underestimate a $1win. It’s a + on top of your next win or loss and even $1 compounds wealth
  6. To have sentiment you must know fundamentals! don’t underestimate technical.
  7. There’s nothing new in trading so don’t try to reinvent the wheel what works now worked a 100 years ago
  8. If you can’t just buy in a rally for no reason other than it being a rally then you will never make money,
  9. If the market is moving up, then you really should be scaling of your positions and scaling their replacements back when the market is moving down.
  10. Don’t let a great win turn to your next loss
  11. Targets limit your potential to earn – Don’t pick targets!
  12. Execution at Volume At price at time Does make money and lots of it to. So, do business only at volume at price at time and again don’t pick targets.
  13. Don’t forget rule 11 so don’t pick tops and if you do pick a Top you just forgot rule 11
  14. If you forgot rule 12 then the market will thank you for handing your winnings back to the market. So, remember rule 12 and keep what you kill