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Technical Analysis USD/JPY

Technical Analysis; USD JPY remains on track for key targets as mentioned earlier this week therefore no net change However we have been able to stretch to Target 2. Currently 113.50 was yesterday’s high and Bears probe for weakness However Bulls remain solidly in control. And those targets still in effect are as follows: Support […]

Dealers – zero sum game

Dealers are professional traders who take on the opposite positions of retail traders, thus providing the liquidity for the market to work efficiently. Banks are in the business of making money as well, and dealers actually can earn tons of profit by quickly unloading their positions, making money via the spread. Trading is a zero […]

Inter-Market Relationships

Regardless of your market of choice, you must be aware of how it interacts with other markets. Being aware of the manner in which certain markets behave relative to others can potentially improve the probability of success. For instance, those looking to find a bullish opportunity in crude oil, or a bearish play in Treasuries, […]